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  • Crushing Screen Spare Parts

    Since 1995 we have been supplying spare parts and special needs of Crushing and Washing plants. It is the first choice of institutions and organizations with our on-site and fast service system. With this confidence, it has been opened abroad and in a short time it has become the first choice in foreign companies.

  • Steel Screen Production

    Our sieve wires are open at their edges and can be used with the D.K.P. It is manufactured with cold rolled steel in desired angle. The material used is steel tile TSE 2500 (DIN 17223). In order for the steel to have a long lifetime, it must be properly tensioned and the tire treads of the machine carrier bearings must be well secured.

  • Clogged Screen

    The horizontally oriented piping is secured with polyurethane wraps vertically descending to the processed wires. The vibration generated by the screen machine on this side gives flexibility to the wires. This stretch material formed in the handles is sifted in a very successful system in the event of a collision.

  • Reducer Production

    Helical forehead teeth and helical bevel teeth are made of alloyed case hardened steel. After the machining of the gears (lathe, threading, deburring and wedging), the gear module is heat treated to provide adequate cementation depth and surface hardness of 58 - 60 HRC.

  • Magnet

    Due to its magnetic poles, some metals such as iron, nickel, cobalt, and so on are called magnetite magnets. It is usually symbolized as U. The two surfaces, in other words the two poles, have a magnetic attraction force.

  • Special production

    The crushing and screening sector can meet the exact needs of the industry by completely completing the research and development, project - manufacturing and application phases in order to relieve the work flow, to prevent the loss of time or to reduce the worker power in other sectors..

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